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Silverchop Alfalfa


1 x 12.5 kg pack of Silverchop Alfalfa delivered to your door.

Dried chopped Alfalfa for horses and ponies. This healthy dried Alfalfa with neigh-naughtiness is 100% natural, forage based, low sugar, high fibre and low starch. FREE DELIVERY, 1 pack per order.

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Silvermoor Silverchop Alfalfa is a feed material for horses and ponies to be fed in conjunction with their current diet. We control every step from seed to pack to ensure this is the most delicious, dried alfalfa for your horse or pony.

Alfalfa is naturally high in calcium and protein making it an ideal accompaniment to your horse’s current diet as it can help support muscles and bones. It is suitable for all levels of work and rest.

Silverchop Alfalfa can be fed straight, with a balancer, used as a forage replacement or can be mixed with other feeds to stop horses bolting their feed. Can be dampened or fed as it is.

In a 24 hour period horses and ponies should eat 1.5-2.5% of their bodyweight in dry matter forage. When calculating rations all grazing and forage should be taken into account.

Typical nutritional analysis

Crude protein (%) Fibre (%) Moisture (%) Digestible Energy (%DM) Sugar (%DM)
24 49 13 13 6.5