Rewards - Silvermoor


On the back of our beautiful haylage packs you will find Silvermoor tokens, these can be collected and redeemed against Silvermoor products as outlined below. 

To claim; collect your tokens and send them to the office address Silvermoor, North Field, Causey Park, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE61 3FT along with your name, telephone number, email and delivery address clearly stating which item and type/flavour (where appropriate) you would like.

If you wanted to donate your prize to an equine charity please just let us know the name and address you would like it sent to.

30 Tokens – Silvermoor Treatsies

Collect 30 tokens to claim a pack of silvermoor treatsies (please confirm variety)

30 Tokens – Silvermoor Swinger

 Collect 30 tokens to claim a silvermoor swinger. Please confirm variety. 

100 Tokens – Box of three Grassabix

Collect 100 tokens to claim a box of three Grassabix including one of each type (Magical Unicorn, Linseed and Turmeraid). 

200 Tokens – Mixed box of Silvermoor Goodies

Collect 200 tokens to claim a mixed box of silvermoor goodies including one of each type of swinger, one of each type of treatsies and a rope kit. 

500 Tokens – Pallet of haylage

Collect 500 tokens to claim a pallet 30 packs of haylage (please specify type).