Get Easter hols ready! - Silvermoor

We have the ultimate guide for planning for the school holidays with your pony!

Heading to Pony Club this Easter? Or just plan on spending your time down at the stables. Here’s our top guide on how to prep for the holidays to get the most from the time you plan on spending with your horse.

Spring clean your stables. It might sound silly but it’s important to remove any cobwebs and dust, it can make a big difference to their respiratory system. Some people even keep an old vacuum cleaner handy just for this!

Clean and check your tack and stirrup leathers specifically the stitching. Failure to do this could result in a nasty accident if they fail.

Check your riding hat for signs of wear and tear. Did you know hats should be replaced every 3 years for safety even if you’ve not had a fall?

Make sure your body protector this still fits and is in good working order. These should be changed every three to five years and should be replaced if dented as they may have lost its impact absorption. BETA has a really great body protector safety article if you want to find out more about body protector safety.

Get grooming! We all want our horses and ponies to look their best when we are out and about. At this time of year, you’ll notice that the long, thick winter hair is starting to shed. Your horse can be itchy and hot due to this moulting so it’s essential we get the brush out.

Shoes! Before you head out and about check that shoeing is up to date.

If you are thinking of going to any competitions or events its always best to check the small print to see whether your vaccines are up to date if this is something they require.

Top Tips!

  • A Grassabix tied up in a Grassabix net is the perfect healthy distraction for your horse or pony when grooming, shoeing, or cleaning out the stables.
  • Make sure you have the Treatsies in to rewards that good behaviour!
  • If your horse is stabled for any length of time get the Silvermoor Swingers at the ready. Not only will it keep them occupied it is also great for gastric health. Swingers promote the production of saliva which buffers harmful stomach acid helping to prevent against gastric ulcers.