Silvermoor Alfa-Grit-Blocks are pure dried, high protein alfalfa and insoluble grit briquettes created to improve poultry welfare and digestion efficiency. The 16x11x7cm Alfa-Grit-Blocks have been created to enrich hen’s environment and enhance hen welfare by encouraging natural activity, relieving stress which decreases the risk of injurious pecking.


Made up of 70 % alfalfa and 30% insoluble grit these ingredients are combined and pressed into shape. The resultant solid briquette retains its bright green colour which entices the birds’ interest and encourages natural foraging behaviour in flocks. Alfa-Grit-Blocks are an ideal enrichment tool providing variety and a destructive form of enrichment to prevent a potential build-up of bacteria.


The Good Stuff

Alfalfa is an excellent source of protein, highly digestible fibre and is rich in Provitamin A carotenoids to enhance yoke colour.

The insoluble grit dispersed within the block enables normal development of the gizzard, which is crucial for a healthy digestive system. Grit can be found naturally in range however issues can arise within houses even where grit is provided on trays as some birds will gorge leaving nothing for others to ingest. The unique design of Alfa-Grit-Blocks ensures a slow release of grit that all birds can access and ingest ensuring improved gut function and feed efficiency.

  • Promotes natural behaviour
  • Stress relieving
  • Good source of dietary fibre
  • Helps reduce feather loss
  • Reduce stress
  • 100% natural



Grant assistance towards the development of Silvermoor Alfa Grit Blocks was received under the European Regional Development Fund as part of their Small Animal Diversification project.