Haylage for Healthy Horses

Forage is the most important aspect of your horses diet and feeding a high quality forage is essential to maximise your horses’ health and wellbeing. When fed the correct forage it will be evident in how your horse looks, feels and performs. 

haylage-for-healthy-horses-2Silvermoor haylage provides the best quality forage for your horse or pony. Its high nutritional content provides your horse with its total nutritional requirements from a forage.

The high fibre content promotes a healthy digestive system and it is entirely dust free to maintain a healthy respiratory system.

Furthermore all silvermoor products are produced using the same tried and tested methods ensuring a consistent product which can be fed throughout the year. This avoids complications caused by changing your horses diet.

Dust Free

Maintains a healthy respiratory system.

High Nutritional Values

Higher feed value than other forage, you can be confident your horse is getting the best and most natural form of non heating energy.

High Moisture Content

Higher moisture content than hay helps to avoid equine dehydration during both summer and winter.

What People Say

“I am delighted to be able to recommend Silvermoor Lite as an ideal and safe forage to be used as part of the management for horses and ponies that are good doers or are proned to laminitis or equine metabolic syndrome.”

Lesley Barwise-Munro (BSc, BVM&S, CertEP, MRCVS), The Veterinary Surgeon

“I am very specific in what haylege I use on my horses that is why I use silvermoor, it fits my horses nutrition diet perfectly for competing at the highest level”

Scott Brash, World Number 1 Showjumper

“We are pleased to use Silvermoor haylage. We use Silvermoor when treating a range of cases, especially horses being treated for colic. As Silvermoor does seem to be very palatable, it can be useful in managing anorexic cases. All in all we find Silvermoor a great product and are happy to continue to use it.”

Paula Thompson, Equine Head Nurse at The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies