Haylage for Happy Owners

By choosing silvermoor haylage you can be totally confident that you are feeding a top quality product to your horse. You know you are providing them with their total nutritional needs in a delicious feed that they love to eat.

happy-owner-2The packs are compressed to make them easy to handle and store, you’ll be amazed at how much we fit into each pack. We grow all of the grass ourselves and have it all independently analysed to ensure it meets our high standards. Each pack is batch coded to provide full traceability from seed to pack. We are so confident you and your horse will love the product we offer a personal guarantee with every pack.

Cost Effective

Silvermoor haylage allows for a reduction in hard feed costs as it adds to your horses daily feed.

No Wastage

We’re sure your horses will love our tasty haylage and won’t want to leave any, and no wastage means happy owners.

Weather Resistant Packaging

Our handy size bags of haylage can be safely stored outside leaving more room in the feed store.

What People Say

“I started using Silvermoor in 2008. In the past my haylage was supplied by a local farmer. Since changing over I have noticed that my feed bill has been reduced and that the horses are thriving on Silvermoor.

I find Silvermoor to be a consistant product – which gives me much more confidence when I am feeding my horses for anything from breaking to fittening for three day events”

Caroline Powell, International Event Rider, Burghley Horse Trials 2010 Winner

“I use Silvermoor Haylage when competing at home and abroad as I know every bag is guaranteed to be top quality, which not only gives me peace of mind that my horses are eating haylage that is consistent throughout the year, but that it is backed up by scientific analysis, ensuring the correct nutritional levels are in every bag.

With the different types of Silvermoor haylage, I know there will be one that will suit the dietary requirements of all my horses and with the amount of travelling that I do, the neat packaging that the haylage comes in saves on space in the lorry”

Nicola Wilson, World and European GB Event Rider