The Whitaker's on tour

Burgham Horse Festival 2010 was an interesting event with a lovely shopping village and the best Show Jumpers in the Country.  A little bit quieter than expected but the BSJA show jumping was great to watch, we were treated to some of the best horses and riders in the country, the likes of John and Michael Whitaker, Robert Whitaker,  Ellen Whitaker ,(most of the family by the sounds of it), Tim Stockdale and local girls Vicky Tulloch and Melissa Gair, all jumping huge tracks, or at least they look big to us mere mortals standing by the ring side! 

Fiona and I were very impressed watching Vicky Tullock, on her little 15.2 mare Soliegette, win the accumulator clearing the joker fence in brilliant style, this was a huge 1.65m upright, think that little horse has springs not hooves!

Hopefully Burgham Horse Festival 2011 will be even better, they are hoping to run British Eventing there so that should bring in a whole different crowd and then the event will be brilliant, with world class show jumpers and hopefully world class Eventers it will defiantly be worth watching, even better that it’s just on Silvermoor’s doorstep, down the A1 at Morpeth.

It was lovely to speak to all the people who came on to the stand, I think it looked rather good really and hopefully we are easy to spot!

Silvermoor Stand Burgham Horse Festival 2010

 Especially with the Silvermoor Haylage supersize bale tower by the tent, our large bales of haylage, we had loads of people asking about them, and for some reason lots of the men kept trying to push the tower over.  For details on the large bales see our website www.silvermoor.com.

Our next event is going to be Blair Castle Horse Trials up at Blair Atholl in Scotland, this is from the 26th – 29th August and should be a great week; fantastic horse trials and brilliant shopping, what more could we ask for?! (Maybe good weather and time to sneak out to shop.)

I’ll keep you all posted!

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