Staying Hydrated - Silvermoor

Hydration is key to health and performance especially in the summer months.

Incorporating water into food is important in maintaining hydration levels especially over the hot summer months and is a great way to up the water consumption of your equine. Creating a nutritious mash by adding water to Silvermoor Grassabix is a healthy and hydrating way to do this. Grassabix come in three delicious flavours with added TurmerAid and linseed, which have a host of benefits great for post work recovery, and also minty unicorn flavour for tempting fussy horses and encouraging consumption. Grassabix are available in a bumper 10-pack of plain gorgeous grass flavour.

Another excellent option is to switch forage, by changing from hay to haylage you can increase forage water content on average by 25-35%. Continuity of feeding is very important on competition days or times when your equine is away from home as getting water into them on such days can be very tricky. A forage such as haylage or a dried grass mash which they get daily at home is essential for increasing hydration on these days, this will also create familiarity to calm your horses.