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Meet our new StableGraze Ambassador

Hannah Clare Tottle recently won the hearts of StableGraze fans around the country when they voted her the winner of our national ambassador search. Making her the lucky winner of a StableGraze unit. StableGraze is the automated feeding system for horses brought to you by Silvermoor Haylage.

We recently made the long journey from Alnwick in the very north of England, to Norfolk in the south west, to deliver a StableGraze unit to Tottle ranch, and to meet our new ambassadors in person. It was a long journey, 5.5 hours to be exact, but it was worth it. The Tottle family are just lovely, Hannah and Honey are extremely worthy of their prize!

StableGraze at Tottle Ranch

Honey was intrigued to see the StableGraze unit when it arrived on the yard, her ears pricked forward and she stuck her head out to investigate when we brought up to the stable door to give her a better look. Her best friend Lily came out to have a good look too, but seemed more interested in the Silvermoor lite that had had arrived along with it – typical Shetland antics! Lets hope Honey shares her winnings with Lily, that is, if theres any left when Lily is done with it…

Honey is a much beloved horse, and Hannah has persevered with her despite her many contradicting health issues, of which she has so many her entire digestive system has been excluded from her insurance policy. In fact Honey has been so poorly and the vet was called so many times that Hannah became quite a regular at the practice, she got to know the team so well in fact that they offered her a job when a position came up! Although they may have regretted it at time when Hannah has had to pop home to tend to Honey during problematic times 😉 It’s not every woman who would choose to keep on a horse with so many ‘problems’ but to Hannah, Honey is part of the family and she will stay with them as long as she lives. Hannah hasn’t ridden Honey for a number of years now, so she lives the life of luxury at Tottle Ranch, roaming fields and having portraits commissioned by Hannahs father, or catching up on gossip with the other various animals that live there too.

Animals like Colin the giant turkey. We were instantly impressed with Colin, its not just his size, but his willingness to be picked up and cuddled! Apparently he loves a cuddle from Hannah’s daughter polly the most. This is Will Hannah’s husband, we caught him just after the family trip to the preschool christams fair, and he had a very fetching red glittery spider stuck to his cheek, just in case you were wondering about the red mark.

Not to be upstaged by her dad, young Polly was in full kitty face paint. However she managed to keep that intact during her afternoon naps we’ll never know! Polly is extremely excited about the arrival of the StableGraze as it will mean less trips out the the yard each day to give Honey haynets and more time for Pepper Pig!

We didn’t get to meet all the extended family at Tottle ranch in person, but we did love this little montage on the wall in the kitchen, where each member is named and depicted. So lovely!

These two would be extremely upset if we neglected to mention we’d had the joy of meeting them too. A packet of Treatises to the first person who guesses the breed of the dog on the right

For anyone who wanted to have a better look at Will’s rather glamours glittering spider face tattoo, or a close up of Colin here it is. More on from Hannah and Tottle ranch soon!







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