September News

Hello Everyone

I know there has been a long silence on here, I’m sorry we haven’t been in touch but promise we are back up and running now, we’ve missed you!
Here we are again, the harvest is all finished and we are all set for whatever winter decides to throw at us. What a wonderful summer we had and what a difference it makes. Conditions up here have been great for harvesting and we are so pleased with the haylage we’ve managed to make, it’s a world away from how we were feeling last year after the awful conditions. You can all look forward to lots of delicious haylage to treat your horses to, in fact it smells so good you will want to eat it yourself (or maybe that is just us??). There is nothing more rewarding than seeing everybody’s hard work paying off and I would like to thank the team for all of their hard work this summer.

Thank you all for coming to see us at the Highland Show and at Blair Horse Trials, we really enjoyed both and it’s always fab to hear what is going on and how well your horses and ponies are going. Remember we are on twitter and facebook and are always delighted to hear what you are up to and see any pics of your horses and ponies enjoying their silvermoor.

Now what other news do we have for you from the summer… big congratulations go to Scott, our Feed Processor, and Jade who are expecting their second child this winter. I managed to convince somebody it would be a good idea to marry me and became a Mrs in May. Ben joined the team in June, he actually grew up at Silvermoor and we are delighted to have him back as part of the team. Pop the dog has refused to get into pup, she must think the world is a good enough place with just her in it, so we are on the hunt for a teckel hound puppy if anyone knows of any please let us know.

I think that is it in a nutshell, I will be in touch soon to share more goings on. In the meantime I hope you are all really well.

Lindsay xx