Ralph’s been Shopping

I hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays and fantastic weather we’ve been having! I have to confess we’re now doing a bit of a rain dance now to boost the grass growth but the weather has been marvellous, most of the team are sporting various degrees of sunburn!

With lots of horses going out at night now this is one of our quieter times, don’t worry though it’s all still go-go-go and we’re getting ready for our first cut of grass in June. To guarantee we make even more, even better haylage than last year we’ve made a few additions to our equipment – brilliant news for all our customers!

We have a brand sparkling new Challenger Haylage Machine to process the big bales into small it looks fantastic painted in the classic Silvermoor purple. We’re really excited as it can make the packs 3 times faster than our old machine – the boys are running around trying to keep up! We’ve also bought a new forklift to stack the packs as neatly as possible.

This week we have a robot arriving!! Thankfully it’s an addition and won’t be replacing any staff (all us employees are breathing a sigh of relief), it’s a combination of conveyers and pickers which will move the bales along the production line, again speeding up processing.

We’ve a couple of human additions too, Matty joined in February and will be driving our lorry for deliveries as well as tractors in the field. Lindsay (me) joined last month, I’ll be based in the office and will be looking after queries, orders and sales (as well as being chief tea and coffee maker), I’ll also be flying the Silvermoor flag at various events over the summer and would love to meet as many people as possible so please do call in.

All this investment is definitely paying off and we’re DELIGHTED to add Countrywide Stores to our list of Silvermoor Haylage suppliers!! Those of you in the South West, South, West Midlands and Wales will be familiar with Countrywide who supply everything you could need to keep your horses in top shape and now have the fantastic Silvermoor Active in stock. With 45 stores from Exeter to Hampshire, Oxfordshire to Derby and all across Wales it marks a big expansion for us and we’re really excited to be working with such an established, successful company.

Our Sales Agents are making brilliant progress, Gill Gilson is continuing to build our East Anglia customer base she has recently introduced Silvermoor Haylage to  Su Bridge at Thetford and Marrowell Farm Services at Northampton. We’re also really pleased to be working with Jenny Fitzpatrick in the South West, Jenny received her first samples last week and I’m sure you’ll see her out and about with the purple and orange bags.

We mark a map of the UK with purple dots for each Silvermoor supplier – with this rate of expansion and increase in speed of production the map will soon be solid purple!!