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Wonky Grassabix with TurmerAid (10 pack)


Pack of 10. The products in this section may be slightly over/underweight, misshapen, short dated, end of line or overspill, too little ingredients added eg TurmerAid, or the packaging may be damaged. The wonky section products may come in packaging or un-packed. All products will still be suitable for consumption.

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This tasty treat for horses and ponies is supercharged with TurmerAid which promotes wellbeing. Specifically it supports healthy joints, aids digestion, helps maintain a healthy, shiny coat and is suitable for laminitics.

Grassabix are the healthy 1kg dried grass forage blocks with neigh-naughtiness. Each can be used as a treat, boredom buster or as a forage replacement and can be fed directly from the bag or soaked in water to create a delicious mash. These yummy blocks have been compressed for easy feeding, storage and handling.

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