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Silvermoor Unicorn (10 packs)


10 packs of Silvermoor Unicorn Haylage delivered to your door.

Unicorn is a low sugar, high fibre cocksfoot and timothy mix haylage that is suitable for good doers, laminitics and weight watchers.

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Delicious haylage from UK native grasses cocksfoot and timothy and sprinkled with our signature magical minty unicorn flavouring. It is which naturally low in sugars, making this haylage suitable for good doers, laminitics and weight watchers and super tasty.

Please note that the haylage will be sent via courier and should be used as quickly as possible.


Crude protein (%) Fibre (%) Moisture (%) Digestible Energy (%DM) Sugar (%DM)
10.8 66.7 29.4 11.1 7.1