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Our original haylage, still the best and still going strong!

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For all the really fussy eaters, we have silvermoor timothy.

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Laminitics, good doers and weight watchers, we have something special for you!

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For more mature horses and ponies out there, we have silvermoor veteran.

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Large Bales


Large Bales are available on request and are suitable for larger yards requiring larger quantities at a time.

They are made in exactly the same way and are of the same high quality as the smaller packs.We also have them nutritionally analysed, information available on request.

Each bale is the equivalent of approximately 12.5 small packs.

Large bales are available in:

  • recreation
  • lite
  • timothy
  • Size: 4′ x 3′ x 2.5′  (120x90x70 cm)
  • Weight: Approx 250kg

Local delivery or collection available, phone for further details on
01665 602587.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers have contacted us to ask questions about our haylage. We have a wealth of knowledge in horse nutrition and diets, so we’ve answered these and other questions for you.

Haylage is a grass forage made for horses as a substitute for grass in the stabled horse,or one for which grass is restricted. It is made from a specialist grass seed mix which is cut dried and wrapped on the farm.
Hay is left to dry in the field longer than haylage after which it is baled but not wrapped. Haylage is wrapped which allows the grass to ferment to produce a highly nutritious and palatable feed.
Haylage is made from a specialist grass seed mix for horses and as it is wrapped and fermented it is dust free, this is one of the most importent differencs between the two, many horses have respiratory problems which are aggrevated by eating dry hay, haylage eliminates the dust spores which cause this. Because the grass is fermented it extremley paletable and nutritous and horses love it.
This is dependent on many factors, age, work, type and size but a rough guide is that 1 bale of Silvermoor haylage should last a 15hh horse about 3 days.
This may happen when you have just started feeding haylage as your horse or pony will think all its Christmas’ have come at once! However it should soon settle down to acceptable amounts.

If you think your horse is still eating too much I would suggest you use 2 or even 3 haynets inside one another to make your horse work a little harder to get it, it is not recommended to leave your horse without forage for long periods as they are constant grazers and it is important to mimic their conditions in the wild to avoid stomach problems, little and often is best.
Yes you can you will find that your horse will ration itself once the excitment of such delicious forage has worn off.
It can be but you will find that due to the higher nutrient content and the assured quility you will be able to feed less hard feed which should save you money in the long run.
As long as you have cut down the hard feed and your horse is getting all it’s vitamin and mineral supplements you should be able to feed ad lib depending on the reasons for the box rest, if in doubt consult your vet.

If you have a question that you can’t see an answer to then please follow the link to the contact page and we’ll do what we can to help.