Ollie's Blog

Ollie’s Blog

Hello and welcome to my new blog, the office possie have requested my input for their web page and being an obliging person I have agreed as long as I receive plenty of haylage in payment.

A brief introduction of myself. I am a rather handsome dark brown gelding born 6 years ago, my dad was an Irish sports horse and mum was a thoroughbred. Apparently I was called Ollie because I was born on the same day that Oliver Townend won Badminton, I hate to think what would have happened if a girl had won!  The person I allow to look after me is Fiona, she is the mother of Ralph and Lindsay in the office and is definitely not a thoroughbred .

Most of the time I live in Northumberland at a place called Northfield Farm, I have a few friends there and a very annoying little sister. My Mum seems to have left home and I have never met my father, I wonder if this could cause me mental trauma in the future and is something I may well have to look into later.

My carer thinks you may like to hear how my life is going. I started my eventing career last year and did a couple of intros and a pre novice, all well and good. She gave me some time off after that but did not take me on holiday, being an active type of guy I would have quite liked to have gone to Argentina to play polo or Vienna to show off my airs above the ground. She seems to think I am quite good at the airs bit and gets very excited when I give her one of my impromptu displays. At least I think her shrieks are of joy.

I have just started to go to parties again this year and have been to two so far. She says she is too old to ride me at them herself , a point I totally agree with so at the parties I let Craig Anderson ride me , so far he has been quite good and left most of the decisions to me . At our first venture which was in Yorkshire I very successfully put him on the ground before the dressage, this was really to keep him in his place and remind him who is in charge. I did a bit of show jumping and had a lovely time jumping the things in the field, apparently I have to jump them rather than go round them which seems silly but you humans do like to think you know best!

A few weekends ago I went to Cumbria and I now know why it is called the lake district, it rained and rained, Craig still thought I should do some dressage, however I knew better this time and was not that obliging but I did prance about a bit and thankfully he soon put me back in the lorry . You would think that I had made enough effort for one day but they insisted I do the jumping bit as well. Quite enjoyed the show jumping but knocked one down just to give the arena party something to do, they looked bored. Really liked the field bit and we all went home happy. Had a night in the field where being a bit bored tried to play with a gate,  which had great side effects as due to having scraped my leg she put lots of honey on it, yum yum.

I am now having some chill time with my sister and her friend, he is a very annoying three year old. Chill being the operative word . It is freezing, good job she has put my onesie on.
I believe I am going to Scotland next and will keep you posted.



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