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Here you’ll find news and views from Silvermoor HQ, life on the farm, updates about our furry friends both equine and canine and much more. We hope you enjoy it.

Vicky Tulloch; me and my year

I'm a 27 year old Showjumper based near Darlington in the Northeast of England. I currently have 7 horses from a 5 month old foal to my 11 year old Grade A superstar mare Soliegette. I enjoy producing young horses and having Solie from a just-broken 4 year old and now competing with her up to 1.60 level Nationally and Internationally has been an amazingly rewarding experience.

Non Surgical Facelift

Just in case you have not noticed our wonderful purple website has had a bit of an overhaul! We decided that the home page needed to be a bit more interesting and informative; so, after much discussion and furious typing we have got the lovely, brand new, shiny homepage up and running just in time for Christmas! This is your chance to get your horse famous with their photo on the homepage!

sledges for sale!!

Turns out that Silvermoor Recreation has another fantastic use; Sam and Steph discovered that they make a great sledge! I wonder if the Active bales will go any faster than the Recreation, I think it calls for a race!

Who says no one wins free prize draws?!

We have a lovely photo of our luck winner of 10 bales of Recreation from Blair Horse Trials; Daisy Ussher was a competitor in the CCI* with her gorgeous little horse (actually he’s a pony as he is only 14.1hh on tiptoes!) Little Mickey Finn, they finished in 21st place!

Hay v’s Haylage for Horses.

Hay is the traditional “feed everything” answer to what to give your horse when he’s stabled over winter. Hay is also commonly used as a forage replacer for horses and ponies prone to or suffering from laminitis, it is easy to use can be fed ad-lib and most horses eat it happily. However it’s not always the case that hay is right for you or your horse.

forage crisis, not here!

We have been hearing about the 'forage crisis’ a lot in the farming and equine press, in fact it’s a topic that seems to pop up everywhere! The very dry spring with the hot weather that followed meant that the grass really struggled across many parts of the country, especially those areas which are fairly dry anyway. In some parts a second cut was not even possible! That must be so scary for horse owners

The Royal (Dick) Vets Use Silvermoor!!!

How about this then, we have recently found out that the haylage used by Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies at The University of Edinburgh is none other than Silvermoor Recreation Haylage! Pretty good hey?! (or should that be haylage!)

Top Tip for feeding greedy horses

We have a top tip for you today for which should prove very useful if you are feeding an overweight horse or one who is inclined to be a bit greedy and finish their haynet full of lovely Silvermoor Haylage within minutes! The best bit is that it’s a really simple idea and most people will be able to use it;