Grassabix Gets the Double Treatment - Silvermoor

Grassabix get an update to meet with customer demand

The customers spoke and we listened. Since launching Grassabix in 2021 they have since become a staple in many tack rooms across the UK. Quickly becoming a fan favourite with horses and ponies nationwide since the launch customers only feedback was, they wanted more blocks per pack. We have now relaunched Grassabix in twin packs to meet customer’s needs and offer more value for money.

Grassabix twin packs cropped

Grassabix are a healthy dried, compressed grass forage block. They can be used as a treat, boredom breaker or as a forage replacement, and can be fed directly from the bag or soaked in water to create a delicious hydrating mash.

Grassabix twin packs are available in the same three healthy, delicious flavours; TumerAid, linseed and minty unicorn. The low sugar, low starch, high fibre twin packs are packaged in new recyclable paper packaging.

Grassabix in net hanging on stable door

Grassabix in net hanging on stable door

Made up of homegrown grass from our farm the grass is then high temperature dried with our on-site sustainable biomass heat source to lock in nutrients and the natural bright green colour. It is then compressed into blocks and packaged in their fully recyclable paper packaging by the team at our production facilities in Northumberland. Not only does this guarantee a consistent, delicious product and ensures quality, but it also minimises the carbon footprint.

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