June News

Hi to you all, here we are past the longest day of the year already and it seems like yesterday it was Christmas! We have just returned from the Royal Highland show which was a good chance to catch up with a lot of our northern customers as well as the chance to see a lot of top class horses, I especially liked the Clydesdale in the side saddle class as it was so well  schooled and totally different to what you would expect.

The first cut in the haylage department is now finished and the pile of bales looks very impressive at Silvermoor, as you would imagine the weather made life a little easier this year than last and the quality looks to be of a really high standard , which is good news for us all

We have now  got the new baler on the go so the supersize bale is available to those of you who are feeding more than 3 horses, these should make it more ecomonical so if you are interested get in touch with your retailer for more details.

Coke, the labrador, has had 3 puppies, she is being economical too! 2 dogs and 1 bitch, they are three and a half weeks old now and very sweet, I took them out for a walk this morning ( well a crawl really)   and hopefully at some point their legs will actually carry their very fat tummies.

The foal ( Ollie) is doing really well and seems to spend a lot time on his hind legs which does not bode well for the future should it continue but is fun to watch, the other mare is back from stud and hopefully will foal next April so we will have a 2 year old, yearling and foal this time next year, it takes no time at all before you have a herd to look after!

Our next outing with the Silvermoor road show is at the Great Yorkshire show on the 14th to the 16th of July, we would be really pleased to meet you if you are attending and I will have a bottle of something or other open as well as lots of freebies for you to take home so please get yourselves along to stand 89 for a chat.

Thank you to everyone who voted for Ralph in the recent ” If I  I can you can ” competition which he won so well done to him and you as it was partly dependent on how many votes he received, this means he will get lots of business advice which I am sure he will find invaluable as well as a computer and a mentor for a year.

Well I am off to iron the arena with the quad now as I jumped both the horses today, I have to do it by myself so as you can imagine I try very hard not to knock any thing down as getting on and off is a real hassle, this does mean that they both do the same things which is not ideal for a 4 year old and a 12 year old! however needs must, I will be back soon, Fiona

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