Hello everyone, we are now in late July and it seems the year is racing away, I am even starting to think of Christmas presents which is a bit of a worry as I am sure the BBQ has not had enough to do yet!
Thankfully in spite of the many heavy showers we have been able to keep really up to date with the cutting and baling of the grass and have been really lucky to get some exceptional haylage made for you to look forward to. the first cut is now ready and honestly it looks and smells so good I wish I could eat it too, I was wondering if it would be possible to make air fresheners with the same smell ( a lucrative side line maybe)
The puppies are great now , 7weeks of mischief, they are very happy destroying Ralphs garden and looking very innocent, we still need homes for the 2 dogs in case anyone is interested they are from a really good working family which also have fab natures, give Ralph a ring if you would like to give one a home.
All is quiet on the horse front here as I have been away at the Highland and the Yorkshire show recently so it seemed sensible to gave 4 yr old some time off , she has been to a few parties and was very well behaved so I will bring her back up later in the year with a view to starting her eventing career next year, however you know what plans and horses are like, they never seem to follow the same path, I will let you know if they even become similar.
Ollie the foal is, as you can imagine, very cheeky now and spends a lot of time getting piggy backs from his mother and best friend the yearling, he is very good on his hind legs which is something I very much hope he will grow out of as I really do not need any airs above the ground as a 4 year old!
We have not as yet filled the marketing role so if anyone would be interested in this position have a look at the job description on the web site, I was rather hoping that I would be able to retire soon on an extremely large pension and you would not have to read further ramblings , or I also thought I would have been snapped up by a tabloid for a weekly column by now, this is disappointing but I remain available and hopeful!
I will be at Blair Atholl horse trails on the 27 to 30th of August so I hope to see some of you there
Enjoy the rest of the summer.

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