NEW Wonky Section - Silvermoor

We are delighted to announce the new section of our website the ‘WONKY SECTION’

Here at Silvermoor we are very proud to produce some of the finest horse forage products on the market. We have a strict quality control system which means that sometimes some products don’t make the cut to be sold to our retailers and to you our customers. It may be that they are slightly misshapen and wonky, the packaging may be ripped, too little of a certain ingredient has been added, or they may be undersize etc. But we felt these products were too good for the bin and they were still tip top in terms of suitability for equine consumption. So in stepped our new ‘WONKY SECTION’!

Head to the new section where we are selling boxes of 10 of some of your favourite Silvermoor products. The selection will be updated regularly so please keep checking back. Waste not want not!