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Emma Garner from the horse riders union compiles her EDIT

Instagram influencer and founder of the Horse Riders Union, Emma Garner, is a Silvermoor fan. Talking about the products she said: “All my horses and ponies love the whole of the Silvermoor range because they taste so good . For me, I can rely on the quality and the small bales are so easy to handle and distribute. The low sugar boredom busters have been a god send this winter when the weather has been miserable and they are great for all my little ones as a treat on their restricted grazing.”

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a pack of Silvermoor Lite haylage
Amazing Apple Silvermoor Swinger in packet
a pack of Silvermoor Lite haylage
Captivating Carrot Swinger in packet

Silvermoor veteran Haylage

The original short chop veteran haylage. 

  • Ryegrass haylage
  • Short chopped
  • Easily chewed 
  • Ideal for horses with deteriorating teeth 

Unicorn treatsies

Made with a sprinkle of pink fairy dust these treats look as irresistible as they taste.

  • Low starch 
  • Low sugar 
  • Signature minty flavouring
  • The perfect treat

silvermoor lite haylage

Our best-selling lite haylage.

  • Low sugar 
  • Ryegrass haylage
  • Low starch
  • Ideal for laminitics and weight-watchers

Brilliant beetroot treatsies

Charged with the superfood beetroot which is packed with antioxidants.

  • Positive effect on blood flow
  • Encourages muscle efficiency
  • Low sugar
  • Delicious treat