Hooves up if you're feeling fruity - Silvermoor

Does your stable life need an injection of va-va-voom? Improve your horses’ stable environment by introducing a new fruity flavour!

The swinging revolution is well underway with Silvermoor Swingers, the only hanging forage block. Silvermoor are delighted to announce they have expanded the range to bring you two brand new flavours. Combined with the purest dried grass Captivating Carrot and Amazing Apple are bursting with natural goodness.

Captivating carrot contains pure, natural dried carrot strips, Amazing Apple is packed with dried crisp red apple pieces. Each have been combined with the delicious dried grass and natural binder to make the tastiest, natural, long lasting boredom busters around which are low in sugar and starch.

All Silvermoor Swingers are a unique cylindrical shape which hangs on a rope in the stable and are designed to be completely free hanging so that the horse cannot push them against a surface and get purchase on them. This means it takes time for the horse to eat them which not only relieves boredom but also encourages continuous saliva production to support gut health.

Gorgeous Grass, Captivating Carrot and Amazing Apple are all made from 100% natural ingredients and are low in sugar and starch and suitable for all types of horses and ponies.

Commenting on the new varieties Georgina Teece, Head of Sales said:

‘Gorgeous Grass Swingers have been hugely popular and we are delighted to combine the most traditional titbits of carrot and apple to create these delicious new products. My horses absolutely love them so I am completely confident others will too and am so pleased they are low in sugar and starch and safe for all to use. Our company ethos is based on aiding and promoting health in horses and ponies and Captivating Carrot and Amazing Apple Swingers have key health benefits as well as being irresistible’.

Silvermoor Swingers are available now throughout retailers in the UK. Each block is 1kg. Gorgeous Grass has a RRP of £3.97, Captivating Carrot and Amazing Apple have RRP of £4.47. Rope kits are available to buy separately RRP £4.97