Get your horse Swinging!

Have you tried Silvermoor Swingers yet? If not you might be wondering what they are and how they work so we thought we’d put this handy guide together to answer some questions you might have. If you have any other questions please do get in touch with [email protected] or via social media.


When we started developing Silvermoor Swingers we were looking to find a healthy, nutritious boredom buster for the stable as a healthy addition to complement a horse (or pony)’s diet. Something forage based that was durable that was low in sugar, natural and delicious. After a lot of trials and tests we came up with Silvermoor Swingers and started the swinging revolution!



Silvermoor Swingers are the only hanging forage block on the market. They are made from gorgeous dried grass and a natural plant binder then compressed to create the unique spherical shape which has no corners so cannot be gobbled down. There is a hole in the middle which the rope feeds through so that it can be hung from a height in your stable.




The Swinger should be hung so that it is completely free swinging to ensure your horse can’t push it against any surfaces, this means he cannot get purchase on it and has to work to eat it ensuring they are durable and long lasting.



The first benefit of Silvermoor Swingers are their boredom busting properties.

Boredom  in the stable has been found to be the cause of behavioural issues including crib-biting, wind sucking and weaving. By providing a Silvermoor Swingers you are giving the horse something to play with and work at during periods when they are stabled. Not only that but they are good for gut health too.


Horses continuously secret gastric acid in their digestive systems, saliva is the natural buffer to this acid and prevents a build-up of stomach acids. However horses only release saliva when they are actively chewing. This means that if a horse does not eat regularly the stomach acids can build up, acid exposure if thought to be the primary cause of gastric ulcers in horses. When your horse is working at eating his Swinger he will be producing saliva therefore helping to prevent against gastric ulcers.

Finally Silvermoor Swingers are low in sugar and starch free meaning they are safe to be used for laminitics, good doers, insulin resistant and EMS suffering horses and ponies. We use only the highest quality, natural ingredients and are BETA NOPS and FEMAS. This means you can feed Silvermoor Swingers confidently, knowing you are choosing a healthy wholesome treat that they will love.





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  1. Julie Booth

    So yesterday I purchased two swingers and ropes for my ponies. Put them into the stable to keep ponies occupied while waiting for farrier. One pony totally demolished the ball in under 10 minutes and the other pony wasn’t far behind! Pony number one grabbed the treat as soon as I entered the stable and a whole chunk fell off it! Pony number two wasn’t much better she grabbed at it as well. and quickly gobbled the rest. Will definitely purchase again as ponies clearly enjoyed them as they are the whole thing. However next time round I will place them in stable before the ponies go in!!!

    1. Lindsay Foggin

      Hi Julie

      Thank you for messaging us with your feedback. Your ponies must be super clever being able to gobble them down in record time! Were they able to push them against anything? The ideal way to hang them is so that they can’t be pushed against anything, this should mean they cant get their teeth around them. Does this help? I hope so. Delighted the ponies enjoyed then though. We’ve just releases a Captivating Carrot and Amazing Apple flavour too!

      Kind regards


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