Free Silvermoor Swingers!


Free Silvermoor Swingers

This scheme is now closed. Keep a look out for similar offers on our social media pages and website.

We’ve recently launched Sivermoor Swingers, and we need YOUR help to get the word out on the street thats there is a new, and amazing equine treat in town.

Swingers are currently the hottest, trending and most entertaining, horse treat on the market! Made of entirely natural ingredients, these hanging forage bocks are the healthiest and most fun equine treat you’ll have ever come across.

Do you want to know how to win a box of 15 Silvermoor Swingers – yes, you read right, 15 swingers, and two rope kits?

Silvermoor Swingers - healthy equine treats.

All you have to do is get your local equine feed supplier, riding center or saddlers to get Swingers in stock, and to become a retailer.

*terms and conditions apply*



It’s decision they won’t regret, as Swingers are flying off the shelves nationwide. Once they place an order, give us your name and we confirm can confirm the connection, we will add a box of swingers to their first delivery, just for you! Although you have to make sure your read through and follow the instructions / terms & conditions exactly, otherwise you will not get your free box!

Don’t panic, they’re easy!

There is no limit as to how many retail outlets you can recruit personally. If you can entice three outlets to become Swingers retailers, you get three boxes of Swingers! The more the merrier, that’s how it works with Swingers!

If that sounds like something you’d love to do but all your local retailers already stock swingers, why not join our mailing list and be entered into the competition to win a Silvermoor goodie bag! Join here.


Follow the steps below to get a box of Silvermoor Swingers.

  1. Find a retail outlet that is not already stocking Silvermoor Swingers.
  2. Talk to the outlet, and tell them how utterly ammaaazing Swingers are, how popular they are becoming, and that they should get them in stock. Don’t forget to mention if they place an order this month, and mention your name, that you will receive a box of Swingers for your epic sales pitch. Make sure both yourself and the retailer have read, and can adhere to the terms and conditions**
  3. Send us an email, and let us know the name of the supplier you’ve contacted, contact info below.
  4. Once the supplier places their first order and we can confirm your name with them, we will ship their order and add your prize to the shipment!
  5. Entry via Facebook is NOT VALID. All contact must be made through the correct channels, listed below.



**Terms and conditions

· The new retailer must not have stocked Silvermoor Swingers before.

· One prize/store introduced.

· The retailer must be a recognised business and must already be a trading equine business or       feed supplier.

· The retailer must purchase three boxes (45 units) of Silvermoor Swingers – upfront payment.

· The individual who introduced the retailer will receive 1 box (15 Swingers) free

· No cash equivalent.

· Silvermoor may withdraw the scheme at any time.

· The scheme is run under Silvermoor’s discretion.

  • This scheme is now closed.

You contact: [email protected]

Retailer contacts 01665 602587 / [email protected]





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