Fiona’s blog


We’re starting something new, Fiona (Mother T to Ralph and Lindsay) is going to write a blog each month to fill you in on the going ons with her numerous horses she has managed to collect over the past few years.

We’ll use this one to introduce her and her gee-gees…over to you Mum..

Hello everybody, we thought you might be interested to know what we’re doing with our own horses at Silvermoor. First of all I’ll tell you about each one. Starting with the youngest let me introduce Eli, born before Chris Evans’ Eli (what a copier!) he is a chestnut colt by the thoroughbred stallion Lucano and is bred to win the Gold Cup but we’ll settle for a bumper at Newcastle. Born on the 28th April this year his Mum is Grace; she was quite a successful point to pointer and has three other children – Lottie, four years old, she is in the process of being broken. Lottie is very pretty but missed out on the Miracle Grow in her youth and stands at about 15.2hh. We still have high hopes that she will be the next Battleship who won the Grand National and was only 15.1hh! If anyone would like this horse I am trying to give her away to a nice racing home!!! Oh she is by Overbury (I promise she won’t take anyone’s thumb off like her Dad!).

Lottie has a younger brother, Percy who is two. He is by Kayf Tara and is another of Grace’s offspring. He’s much bigger than Lottie and we’re hoping he forges a successful career in National Hunt racing. And finally from the Grace line is Carrot, so called because of her disappointing colour however we like to compare her to carat gold rather than carrot top. She is a tall, leggy red-headed yearling by Lucano.

Carrot is never seen without her best friend and fellow yearling Silly-Billy-Millie. She’s very sweet buy an Irish sports horse and we hope will be my last homebred hunter.  Millie has a full brother, Ollie so named as he was born on the day Oliver Townend won Badminton. He is three now and has been lunged and long-reined ready to be backed in the autumn.

I also have Cassie, 16hh, 7yo, partbred warm blood, bay mare who is trying to event at the moment. Like many of you it’s been a very frustrating season. I keep Cassie at home and Craig Anderson rides her at competitions because my children tell me I’m too old to event myself and I do admit I have many broken bones. Cassie is very beautiful and moves like a dressage horse however she has a slight problem with her tongue in so much as she likes to wave it to the judges all the time. They do not see the funny side of this at all and consequently do not give her extra marks for being friendly. This is an ongoing problem, if you have any suggestions to stop it I’d be most appreciate as every trick we’ve tried so far has sadly failed.

The next is Striker who I have on loan. He doesn’t quite blend in with the flock being a black and white cob. He does have delusions of grandeur and keeps everyone else in check. He’s a great little hunter, jumps everything he’s pointed at which is just as well as I haven’t a hope of stopping him.

Finally we come to Friday (today how apt). He is co-owned with Craig Anderson, 4yo by Primitive Proposal he is just starting his competition career and is 16.2hh. He is trying to get to local shows this year as his apprenticeship and we hope to get him to BE next year.

So that’s the ‘small’ collection. Next month I will tell you if I’ve put them into the ark or we’ve managed to leave the yard. I must also say that they all love their silvermoor haylage and I am sure it wasn’t the feed that stunted Lottie’s growth!!