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Hello everyone and welcome to blog issue 2, I think I had every good intention of doing this on a monthly basis however the best intentions  sometimes remain undone!

I am very happy to report that all is reasonably well on the horsey front and they all seem to still have 4 legs, although with the summer weather the youngsters feet are not as good as I would like. They all seem a little sore on the gravel which I am sure is due to the constant wet conditions we have had.

Eli and mum are very well, he has turned into a rather nice foal who moves as well as he needs to, bearing in mind that his future will hopefully be on the race track rather than show ground. Grace, his mum is not in foal this time as I seem to have fields full of horses and I need to get rid of a few rather than add to them. I am making very little effort to address this problem as I never think the time is right to sell any of them.

The 2 yearlings, Carrot and Milly are enjoying themselves doing very little in the field, I have put the 2 year old Percy with them so that he could tell them what is like to do a bit of lunging with a saddle and bridle on. He took to it like a duck to water and I hope it will make his life easier next year when he will be backed. I like to do a little bit with them at 2 especially if I think they are going to be quite big.

Ollie the 3 year old is now backed, He went up to Clive Storey in the Borders for 4 weeks as I am now too old and infirm to be doing such silly things. I have been doing a bit of work on him every day in the school and he will shortly be turned away for a couple of months.  He will come back into work in the new year to start his grown up life.

Lottie the 4 year old is also now broken and is now in training for the Gold Cup. It may take a couple of years to get her there but I am very patient, she is cantering now and enjoying herself far more than when she was at grass. She always wanted to be doing something and would stand wistfully at the gate whenever the others were working. I do not remember ever having a horse who was so keen to be part of the party.
Cassie seems to have turned over a new leaf in her competition mind and as a result has been placed in her last outings at Richmond and Hutton. I have no idea why the transformation unless the threat of Death Row has finally sunk in! Anyway long may it last or at least until Aske which will be her last event this season, after which she will do some dressage before her holiday at Christmas.

Striker is also in work and ready for the hunting season, he will do some dressage as well, for a black and white cob he does have good paces and the judges always like him.

Friday has been to a couple of local shows now and been very good, he now needs to learn to go over  and across his fences as up to now he just seems to get higher and higher which shows lots of ability but Craig may be getting altitude sickness! He will continue at local shows for the winter and hopefully start grown up eventing next year.

Will let you know how things are going soon.


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