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Behind the scenes at Badminton

Have you ever wondered what an eventer takes to major events? Looking after your horse and keeping them in tip top physical and mental health is the number one priority, but it’s a minefield knowing which products will work. Megan Elphick, eventer, producer, YouTuber and Instagram influencer aka Elphick Event Ponies, has done the hardwork for you, and gives us the low down on which Silvermoor products she doesn’t travel without when eventing with Jammy. Megan has been riding since the age of three and took Badminton by storm this year finishing in 6th place, and here’s what she took.

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a pack of Silvermoor Lite haylage

Silvermoor Lite Haylage

Taking a product Jammy eats daily at home away to events means she will actually eat things even if she is feeling a little bit stressy.

  • Low sugar
  • High fibre
  • Handy pack size for events
Grassabix with TurmerAid in box

Grassabix with turmeraid

The perfect low sugar, healthy boredom breaker to keep Jammy entertained in the stable as she is stabled more than usual at events. The TurmerAid is great for muscle recovery so perfect after a day out eventing.

a bag of tremendous turmeric treatsies

Turmeric Treatsies

It’s essential to reward all the hardwork your horses put into events, and what better treat to give them than a healthy, but seriously delicious Turmeric Treatsie.

  • Low sugar 
  • Anti-inflamatory properties 
  • Great treat for travelling