Caroline Powell Burghley Horse Trials 2010 Winner on Lenamore

What a fantastic result at Burghley Horse Trials 2010, to finish on your dressage score is hard enough at BE100, let alone doing it at the biggest 4 star around with Mary King William Fox-Pitt and Oliver Townend all breathing down your neck.  But Caroline Powell and Lenamore kept their cool and pulled out faultless cross country and show jumping rounds and lifted the trophy, finally!  

It’s been a brilliant weekend at Burghley horse Trials, the weather was perfect, as was the ground for the cross country, there were plenty of top riders to be wowed by, as well as first timers to cheer on,  and best of all no one was hurt.  There was a nasty moment when the air ambulance took off after a very long hold on course,( about an hour!).  we later found out it was taking Nicola Malcolm to Coventry hospital after a heavy fall at fence 19 the hedge, McFly was unhurt but Nicola had suspected head injuries.  She spent the night in hospital and we were told at the trot up on Sunday morning that she was fine, sat in bed complaining she was bored and about to be let out to come back to Burghley, brilliant news!

It is great to know that the frangible pins used on some of the cross country fences work, the coverage on the BBC really highlighted this, Master Monarch would have had a horrid fall at the Rolex Combination if the fence had not dropped (it was bad enough for a 19 year old as it was!) and at the same fence ESB Irish Fiddle used to pins too, poor Alex was determined not to hit the ground, what a lovely horse to stay fairly still and let him drag himself back into the saddle! If you haven’t already seen it this bit alone is worth watching, lots of stickability from Alex!

Now all eyes turn to Kentucky at the end of the month for the World Equestrian Games, William Fox-Pitt, Piggy French, Mary King, Nicola Wilson, Tina Cook and Janet Breakwell make up team GB and we wish them all the best of luck, but here at Silvermoor Equestrian Haylage we can’t not cheer on our rider Caroline Powell and Mac Macdonald who will be out there riding for New Zealand, best of luck to you all!

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