Can you ever trust a Sat-Nav?

Hi All,

 Well blogging is a new idea for me, i’ve never been very good at keeping diaries or even just remembering what i’ve done in the last 24hours so this is going to be an exercise in organisation for me; can i remember to write down enough interesting things to make this worth reading? i hope so.

As you might know i’m the new sales and business development manager for Silvermoor Equestrian Haylage.  This is a bit of a new direction for me as my background is in agricultural retail with North East based company Farmway Ltd.  However so far its going well, i’ve not done anything horrific and no one has shouted, so i see that as a sucess. 

My aim is not only to increase sales of Silvermoor Haylage but also to offer the highest levels of customer service and support to our retailers.  Any one wants me to attend open days or go round yards with Silvermoor please just email me([email protected]) or visit our website www.silvermoor.com or find us on facebook and twitter and i’ll do my best to attend and i’m easy to spot too;

Although i’ve not been out and about much so far it’s amazing the strange and comical things you do see, such as in Cumbria last week there is a “Huge Antiques Fair”, it must have been set back off the road as you’d think hugh antiques would be hard to miss!  Also is there an elephant in near Lake Windermere? There is a sign for one, if i had the time i would have followed it to be able to tell you for certain but i had loads of new shops to visit.  Any clarification on this matter would be appreciated.  Also the sign for Lambs leap (i think) with a picture of a duck underneath confused me for a while, couldn’t get a photo though as i was driving.

I’ve decided that the Sat-Nav has its place but it will always now come second to a map and road signs, i mean really when is a gated road ever going to be the fastest route??  Although the with size of the bull in the field the road ran through those gates were opened and closed pretty fast!  Who ever invented the Sat-Nav has a slightly wicked side i think.


I can assure every one that Silvermoor Active Haylage does not make you horse go loopy!  My littel mare had about half a bag of it on saturday night with a one day event on sunday which i did wonder about, even though i know the theory about it being slow release due to being fibre etc, well i now know that it really does work she performed really well and kept her head all day!  although she could just have been so stuffed she couldn’t be bothered to be silly!

i’ll keep you posted on any more strange sightings,


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