There is a definite nip in the air now and I have even put rugs on the horses, so I am afraid winter seems to be inevitable, short days, wet  muddy horses and lots of extra work, the joys of our hobby! Would we change if we could?doubtful.

We have all the haylage in now and the pyramids look impressive, we have much more than last year and are taking on new retailers all the time.

The processing machine is very busy and as a result we have taken on 2 new members of staff, Nick and Joe, Nick is from our area and Joe has moved up from Blackpool, I think he may be a little disappointed with the Alnwick illuminations, but we wish them well.

Ralphs puppy, Pop, ( daughter of Coke!) is now a very fat happy cheerful Labrador who loves everyone even Dog ( jack russell) who has no special feelings for her at all and would really like her to leave home.

There is a new mini forklift on the farm which rushes around doing whatever mini forklifts do, fetching and carrying, a bit like a Labrador puppy really but more use.

Seth has put his long trousers back on as opposed to shorts, another sure sign that winter is coming I will let you know when summer is here as he will get the shorts out again

I have been to Blair horse trails with the haylage road show,and was very excited to hear that someone admitted to reading this! so this is for Elaine Caig of Crocket Ford, I did not even have to pay her and she is not a member of my family. If any one else reads it please let me know and I will be jumping up and down with joy, unfortunately not literally as I have just had my cruciate ligament joined up again so am a little lame, does anyone know when I will be able to ride again after this as I am pulling my hair out with boredom it has now been 2 weeks and feels good but I think if I ask the surgeon he will have me waiting for ever, I am not that good at waiting.

Will be back soon, Fiona

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