About Silvermoor

Silvermoor Haylage is based in the North East of England, we have been producing haylage since 1992 and in its present form since 2005.

At Silvermoor we pride ourselves by producing a first class product. We achieve this through internally controlling every aspect of production.

In developing our products over the years we have used experts in their fields such as Peter Schofield of ‘Oliver Seeds’ for growing advice and Lesley Barwise-Munroe for feeding advice.

We listen and accommodate our customers needs, customer feedback is very important to us.

Meet the Team


The boss!
The head honcho!
The big cheese!
The man at the top!


Georgina is our social media wizard and uses her passion for all things equestrian to find interesting information and exciting competitions to share with you lovely people.


Lindsay is on hand in the office and always happy to talk through any feedback, concerns and queries.


Ben is our Production Manager and resident horse expert. There’s not much this lad doesn’t know about the world of all things equine (and anything he doesn’t he consults his vet partner).


Covering all areas of Scotland, Liz is very knowledgeable in all aspects of equestrianism, but has a specialist interest in show jumping.


Has over 30 years experience of all things equine including breaking, schooling, all aspects of competing, teaching, breeding, racing and managing a successful livery yard. As a result she has a wealth of experience in feeding all types of horses.


Hazel is our gem, looking after all the accounts and administration and anything else Ralph can think of and doesn’t want to do himself!


Jay is our Shed Supervisor, he is super organised and efficient and makes sure everything is running smoothly with operations.


Tractor Driver Extraordinaire!
Ben joined in June 2013 and hasn’t touched the ground since! He is key to harvest making sure we make the best products possible.


John is our super star Haylage Processing Operative, he toils away in the shed to make sure we have lots of delicious haylage packed and ready to go out to you lovely customers.


Our next tractor man is Colin who joined us for the summer of 2017 and we haven’t let him leave!!


Our expert processor, he keeps everything in check in the shed and makes sure there is plenty of lovely haylage for all our customers.


Rachael is our wonder woman. she can turn her hand to most things but is happiest driving the tractors making lovely haylage.