A new arrival!

Hello and welcome to our brand new all singing and dancing web site.

You would think that already having a site that it would be relatively easy to do the next, but oh no what was to have taken 2 months has actually taken 6 and a lot of blood sweat and tears. I hope you think it has been worth it and find it easy to navigate (an impressive use of I T jargon, I hope you agree!)

In the mean time the grass has been growing at a fantastic rate due to perfect conditions, our grass seed expert, Peter Schofield was around the fields recently  and tells us they are the best he has seen this year ( he sees a lot) which is great news for us and you. We are starting with the first cut this weekend so it will be all hands and tractors on deck and in 6 to 8 weeks lots of great haylage for your horse to enjoy.

You may have already seen that we are going to do a larger bale this year suitable for people feeding more than 3 horses which we feel will make it more economical for larger yards so if these are of interest to you, get in touch.

Foal and Mum in the stable

Foal and Mum in the stable

On the horsey front we have had a new arrival in the form of Ollie. (he was born on the day Ollie Townend won Badminton, very original!)  Here he is pictured having his first taste of haylage at the age of 2 days, we are looking forward to the day he is at Badminton himself, wishful thinking perhaps.

Coke, Ralphs Labrador is due to have puppies this weekend, I use the word puppies rather loosely as she only looks as if she will have 1 which is a poor effort, I will let you know the outcome as soon as they arrive. I feel a doggy photo will be here next time.

Ralph, (big boss) is in the final of a competition at the moment to find a budding entrepreneur, which if he wins will give him invaluable business help and mentored which would be a fantastic opportunity for him , if you would like to help please log onto http://www.Ifwecanyoucan.co.uk/challenge and vote for him as it is decided on the amount of votes gained from individuals, so he would be very grateful, I will let you know how he does in due time.

Finally I would love to hear from yourselves, so if you have any stories to tell or information to share on any horsey matters be they funny or factual please e mail them to us and we will put you in print and apart from anything else you will not have to read so much wittering from me!

See you all next month,


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