sledges for sale!!

Turns out that Silvermoor Recreation has another fantastic use; Sam and Steph discovered that they make a great sledge! I wonder if the Active bales will go any faster than the Recreation, I think it calls for a race!

We have had an interesting few days down on the farm, with 16” of snow now and more to come, the lads are going to have to work extra hard to keep warm!

We did have a bit of an adventure on Friday with a articulated lorry arriving to fill up with over 1000 bales, we had to drag it onto the farm with a tractor and fill it up then drag it back out.  Unfortunately it slipped a bit and fell off the farm road, oops! We had to cut through the fence and rescue the bales before it tipped over and then harness up two tractors and drag it onto the main road to re-load it all! Although it took a tad longer than we thought it would we managed to get it out and on its way to the retailer!

The worst bit was no one had a camera so we missed a golden photo opportunity!