Non Surgical Facelift

Just in case you have not noticed our wonderful purple website has had a bit of an overhaul! We decided that the home page needed to be a bit more interesting and informative; so, after much discussion and furious typing we have got the lovely, brand new, shiny homepage up and running just in time for Christmas!

Here you should be able to find out lots about Silvermoor Haylage, what we have been up to recently, Silvermoor Haylage stockists and also what our riders have been doing over the competition season, or at the moment how they are managing to cope with the lovely festive weather we are having!

In case anyone was wondering who it is dressed in purple on the lovely Showjumper taking pride of place as the main photo, it is the fabulous Vicky Tulloch on Solligette from Darlington.  Vicky has recently started to use Silvermoor Recreation Haylage and just happens to have the perfect coloured show jacket!

With a bit of luck we should have a blog from Vicky too, which I’m sure will be more interesting than the one I do! I think zooming around the country with a wagon full of gorgeous and very talented BSJA horses might be better than zooming around with a car full of Haylage, or at the moment it is full of chocolates and presents for retailers!

Have a look at the new page at and see what you think, any suggestions are more than welcome and if you have a Silvermoor story you might find your horse taking pride of place on the homepage too!

 Just in case anyone was wondering we have a great way of getting Silvermoor Haylage out to retailers; take a look at the delivery vehical we have been using ! 

we will always get through!