forage crisis, not here!

Haylage shortage???

We have been hearing about the ‘forage crisis’ a lot in the farming and equine press, in fact it’s a topic that seems to pop up everywhere! The very dry spring with the hot weather that followed meant that the grass really struggled across many parts of the country, especially those areas which are fairly dry anyway. In some parts a second cut was not even possible! That must be so scary for horse owners, the prospect of having nothing to feed my horses would give me sleepless nights, and I’m sure it would most people.

Be it by luck, good judgement or a combination of the two (I’m sure Ralph and the boys would insist it is the good farming technique) Silvermoor Farm has actually produced more Haylage for horses this year than ever! This means that we are actually out and about looking for new retailers all across the country, we are always open to suggestions about where to visit so any retailers out there who are struggling to get Haylage to sell this winter, give us a call we have plenty of Haylage for sale and of course being Silvermoor Haylage it is suitable for native breeds, hunters and pleasure horses!

I hope you all have a lovely time over bonfire night, don’t forget this weekend to check for hedgehogs under your bonfire and to keep your horses in and calm with all the fireworks, a big net of Silvermoor should help take their minds off the noise!

Pppppssssssstttttttt, come a bit closer, I’ll let you in on a bit of a secret, we haven’t even started advertising it yet…We are branching out with Small Holder Supplies, anyone with a few sheep, goats, cows, pigs, llamas, alpacas, camels??, watch this space for more information on how to get hold of small bagged silage, straw and haylage for livestock. Ultra convenient being able to store your straw outside and carry 25kg bags of silage for you sheep/goats/cattle. If you would like some more info just email and we will let you know how you can get your forage stocks for winter!